Mr. Ibrahim Safa

Project Manager
Mr. Ibrahim Safa has a diversified knowledge in civil engineering and project management.  Throughout his career, Mr. Safa has been accumulating extensive savvy in directing and managing different types of real estate and construction projects.  His experience comes from the breadth of responsibilities held while leading different scopes of work such as engineering design, planning, procurement and tendering, contracts administration, construction costs control, claims management, real estate evaluation, etc.  Mr. Safa’s shrewdness and trustworthiness have been reflected on the way projects are being successfully managed by SD PM.

Mr. Mohammad Dagher

Commercial Manager
Mr. Dagher comes from a combined background of consultancy, engineering, and project management mindset whereby this blend has enriched his career with a remarkable potential to use his transferable set of skills. Mr. Dagher has been the project manager of diverse scopes of work with extensive set of skills in: Design Management, Construction Risk Management, Real Estate Feasibility Studies, Project Controls Management, Project Scheduling, Delay Analysis, and Construction Claims Management. His wise intellect and keen eye to realize set objectives have been the driving force to run many successful projects.

Mr. Saadallah Itani

Senior Construction Manager
Holding more than 35 years of experience in construction management, Mr. Saadallah Itani possesses a myriad range of knowledge which made him a reference in his respective field. Mr. Itani’s support to SD PM projects has enriched assumed scopes of work with substantial advice on construction matters and played an important role in the company’s construction management services. His involvement with the engineering and project management teams proved to be value adding in terms of guidance, follow up, and realization of results.

Mr. Houssam Noureddine

Senior Civil Engineer
During the past decade, Mr. Houssam has been involved in the structural design and construction management of big scale projects in the MENA area, with projects exceeding 500M USD in construction budget. Such engineering exposure has equipped him with strong analytical, technical, and managerial skills to be a responsible decision maker, and a committed problem solver. At SD PM, Mr. Noureddine has been and still is on a mission to provide our clients with optimum solutions that are safe and cost effective for their projects.

Mr. Ali Abou Abbass

Project Engineer
With a strong academic background, Mr. Ali Abou Abbass embarked on his professional career handling various responsibilities in construction projects. Over the years, he was able to employ his transferable skills across diverse disciplines such as procurement, planning, cost control and construction management. Such exposure gave Mr. Abou Abbass the opportunity to hone his negotiation skills and risk management proactive mindset. At SD PM, his result-oriented attitude and troubleshooting efforts were at the core of avoiding potential bottlenecks for projects’ progress and ensuring high quality supply channels.

Mr. Ali Moukalled

Project Engineer
Having a background experience in construction projects as a site engineer, Mr. Ali Moukalled excelled in handled responsibilities pertaining to construction management of many projects throughout his career. His continuous endeavor to seek more advancement in his capabilities and potential been the driving force to play the role of a Project Engineer at SD PM. His contribution to assumed projects has enabled SD PM to exercise the necessary control over construction activities to match the proposed schedules.

Ms. Douaa Bachir

Civil/Structural Engineer
Ms. Douaa Bachir holds two master’s degrees in civil and geotechnical engineering. During her past 10 years of her career, she has been mastering tools and techniques in structural engineering modeling, design and detailed drafting.  Ms. Bachir had major roles in the structural design of different types of complicated structures in KSA, Qatar, UAE, Iraq and Lebanon.  Ms. Bachir’s role has been value adding to SD PM’s structural engineering department to produce buildable optimized designs.
Creation is a powerful skill, an intriguing ability evolving from originalities and perspectives. Architecture has always stood out as the perfect career path for Ms. Rasha Zeineddine who has been the cornerstone for many creations of architecture for SD PM projects. Ms. Zeineddine holds more than 7 years of experience in handling architectural design projects. Ms. Zeineddine’s designs have proved to possess an agreeable character coupled with an exquisite taste driven from a vivid imagination and delivered to the naked eye.