Title Sales Consultant
Categories SD PM
Job Information

Whom do we need?

A perfect Sales & Marketing Consultant candidate will be a pioneer at the below:
• Studying client’s profile and operations to understand marketing and sales needs.
• Learning the products and services offered by the client, including the sales terms (e.g. special features, return and warranty policies)
• Conducting market research to identify industry trends and commercial opportunities.
• Developing and implementing marketing and sales strategies to ensure the client achieves their sales target.
• Working with clients to set sales targets and creating relevant strategies.
• Building a sales and marketing foundation and training the client to be successful on their own.

What do we need you to have?

This is how we see it, to be able to achieve the above, you need the below:
• Bachelor Degree in any of the related fields (Business Administration, Economics, Marketing, etc…). Master Degree is a plus.
• 3-5 years of previous experience in Sales & Marketing.
• 1 year minimum previous experience in Sales Management.
• In-depth knowledge of Sales & Marketing principles and best practices.
• Ability to research and think strategically.
• Advanced interpersonal skills and ability to be both a leader and a team player.
• Proficiency in MS Office.
• Proficiency in English and Arabic.

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