Accounting Practices Advisory

Can’t rely on your accounting records? Can’t issue informed financial decisions?

The accounting support service at SD Consult is aimed at addressing the specific and indispensable need of complete, accurate, and materially acceptable accounting records to monitor trends, measure performance, and aid with financial decision making.

The below listing shows part of the duties handled by SD Consult’s specialists in their efforts to support accounting practices.

  • Inspect the proper use of the relevant chart of accounts
  • Inspect organization’s journal, payment and receipt vouchers
  • Monitor and categorize expenses for further financial and trend analysis
  • Monitor the accounting and costing of inventory
  • Check accounts reconciliation validity
  • Check the accounting paperwork cycle
  • Study the hierarchy of the accounting department
  • Assist with accounting closure procedures
  • Assist with preparation of financial reports
  • Advise on needed amendments on all above checkpoints

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