Human Resources Advisory

Your organization suffers from unclear reporting lines? Overlapping of authority? Undefined job descriptions? Dissatisfied staff? Absence of performance management systems?

Appropriate Human Resources Management starts with proper HR planning through job analysis and the adoption of a well formulated organizational structure. This symbolizes the Plan phase of the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle.

With respect to the Do phase, staffing, onboarding, and compensation/benefits procedures are in line to satisfy the organization’s need of human assets.

Performance measurement serves as the Check phase, while the Act phase is represented by HR interventions that take many forms including, but not limited to, promotions, raises, trainings, sanctions, disciplinary actions, etc.….

Along the Plan-Do-Check-Act of the HR cycle and even beyond staff departure, compliance with sought-out standards is accomplished through a comprehensive set of policies and procedures that govern the assumed HR practices to ensure a consistent experience and smooth phase transitioning for both staff and the organization.

SD Consult’s HR professionals possess the capacity to initiate/restructure an HR system according to recently applied approaches and latest trends in HR by attending to the below:

  • Conduct an adequate job analysis to specified roles
  • Create job profiles and descriptions
  • Create a suitable organizational structure
  • Pinpoint authorities and reporting lines
  • Map down adopted HR processes
  • Document applied HR policies
  • Detail embraced HR procedures, forms, and templates

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