Business Processes Reengineering

Your organization’s processes are time consuming? Redundant? Missing?

Business transactions and dealings are governed by a set of processes that lead the way to inherent procedures which organize resources and coordinate their steps.

The drive nowadays in a fast-moving economy and ever-changing variables is productivity measured in terms of effectiveness and efficiency simultaneously. This drive creates the need to streamline business operations and reinvent involved processes and procedures.

This re-engineering attempt focuses on assuring effectiveness while increasing efficiency in terms of resources, costs, time, and human capital.

An example application of this study addresses adequate and fast supply chain management starting with inputs from procurement until distribution of outputs.

SD Consult tackles all its business process re-engineering projects with a systematic approach that is outlined by the following main steps:

  • Map down current operations and processes
  • Identify gaps, weaknesses, & critical stages
  • Streamline processes by reorganizing steps and reallocating resources
  • Document and test the new re-engineered processes
  • Train the staff on adopted re-engineered processes

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