Sales Advisory

Your sales are not improving? Targets not being achieved?

Though closely linked to and intertwined with marketing advisory, sales advisory digs deep into earning sales rather than creating awareness.

SD Consult’s role through sales advisory is represented by addressing sales targets, channels, techniques/skills, offers/promotions, and nurturing good customer relations.

The management of the organization’s customers and its interaction with them is at the heart of complementing the efforts of the sales force.

Whether through acquiring and categorizing customers’ information, extracting trends from their behaviors, and acting upon their decision-making habits, SD Consult helps its clients through data mining techniques to properly use customer databases in order to extract market demand, trends, shares, and segments.

Such information are the prerequisite for recognizing customer needs, directing future marketing campaigns, and altering sales efforts/channels; hence, increase sales and promote customer retention.

SD Consult’s sales management experts approach their work through the following:

  • Study organization’s products/services in terms of cost, price, and market reach
  • Analyze sales data and project sales forecasts to fit expected growth
  • Coordinate with procurement responsible to maintain adequate stock levels
  • Assess sales channels and suggest changes for improved efficiency
  • Suggest bundles, discounts, promotions, etc.… to boost sales
  • Advise on proper customer relationship management given historical trends
  • Follow up with sales team on targets and advise as necessary
  • Provide necessary sales training to salesmen and account executives

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