Financial Advisory

Financial resources are duly scarce, competition is on the rise in every sector, and many economies are experiencing increasingly stringent forces.

All businesses are prone to these changes and variable factors; this is a fact.

To survive this challenge, evidence-based financial decision making is the most secure path to wisely allocate financial resources, leverage financial risks, and control your finances.

Whether measuring financial performance, raising capital, evaluating assets, managing cash flows, or project financing, etc.…, our experts shall adapt their knowledge and experience to benefit your business in an effective and efficient manner.

SD Consult’s experts are at your disposal to assist you with using essential financial tools and techniques to provide the necessary advice and course of action for healthier financial management. Below are some of the solutions that SD Consult is ready to deliver:

  • Pinpoint, analyze and mitigate financial risks.
  • Prepare and allocate budgets to currently held activities and functions.
  • Construct and analyze Statements of Income / Equity / Financial Position / Cash Flow.
  • Analyze financial performance in terms of structure, profitability, liquidity, gearing, efficiency, and shareholders’ wealth.
  • Analyze trends of achieved revenues/gains and incurred costs/expenses.
  • Advise on pricing plans and cost reduction strategies to achieve maximum profitability.
  • Advise on currently held bank facilities.
  • Advise on interactions with banks and creditors.
  • Advise on the applicability and profitability of investment decisions through adequate financial engineering.
  • Pinpoint optimal conditions to achieve good financial leverage through financial restructuring.
  • Forecast and manage projected cash flows.

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