Taxation Advisory

You feel the taxation scheme is ambiguous? You are not sure what taxes apply to your organization? You don’t know what and when governmental declarations are due?

SD Consult – through its specialists in taxation – shall study the requirements of your organization based on its legal status and condition to pay applied taxes.

SD Consult’s experts are set to provide you with concrete advice on dealing with imposed taxes to avoid potential conflicts with governmental agencies, abide by applied regulations, and hence attain the necessary compliance with set rules.

In this respect, our experts attend to the following tasks:

  • Survey organization’s legal background & regulatory requirements
  • Advise on applicable taxation rates and legally required declarations
  • Assist with taxes calculation and declarations preparation
  • Coordinate with organization’s accountants/auditors and steer their work.
  • Prepare needed reports for submission to governmental agencies
  • Provide legal support and attend to client queries as necessary

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