Loan Advisory

Are you seeking funding through a loan application? Are you studying several loan options and can’t decide on one? Are you applying for a loan with special requirements? Are your loan payments pressuring your cash flow?

As part of SD Consult’s services, advising its clients on loan applications and their management covers all types of loans offered by the banks including, but not limited to:

  • Subsidized Industrial loans
  • Subsidized Agricultural loans
  • Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) loans
  • Eco Friendly (Green) loans
  • Kafalat loans
  • Real Estate loans

In this respect, SD Consult attends to the following:

  • Understanding our client’s need for fund raising.
  • Advising our client on the best loan application to satisfy the suggested need.
  • Preparing the necessary studies/reports to fulfill the requirements of the applied-for loan.
  • Simulating different scenarios of loan schedules to fit the best case for our client.
  • Submitting loan file to and following up with concerned bank / creditor / sponsor.
  • Following up on submitted loan applications with bank / creditor / sponsor.
  • Attending to queries of the bank / creditor / sponsor as necessary.

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