Feasibility Studies

Are you planning to start a new company? Expand your current business?

SD Consult is at-its-mark to support and advise you on the viability of your dreams and ambitions.

Our professionals are ready to conduct a comprehensive feasibility study from data collection through analysis to recommendation and decision making given the achieved findings.

SD Consult conducts its feasibility studies with a systematic approach to assess the practicality and applicability of the assumed project through the following steps:

  • Study the regulatory aspect in terms of legal applicability, required conditions, and governmental procedures to realize the proposed project.
  • Study the economic aspect in terms of economy status, sector position, demand/supply, optimal profit-making level, etc.….
  • Study the market aspect in terms of competition status, distribution of market shares, available marketing tools, marketing strategy, etc.….
  • Study the technical aspect in terms of needed change to be imposed through acquiring equipment / raw material, human resource, etc.…
  • Study the financial aspect in terms of initiation costs, needed fund raising / loan applications, operating costs, revenues, profits, and cash flow to forecast the project’s financial viability.

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